Thaxter E. Williams CPA, MST

Small Business Specialist, Accounting and Taxation Services

Let’s explore the map of where your business is now, and discuss strategies to get the results your are seeking.

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When I was board chair for the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA), I participated in the groundbreaking for The Spoke on Coffman with Harold Dominguez, Longmont City Manager, and Kimberly McKee, LDDA Executive Director.
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Here’s my office on the corner of 21st and Main. My view of the Front Range is a highlight of every day.
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This is one of my favorite memories: serving as master of ceremonies for a Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce dinner in 2015.
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Thaxter’s conducting his weekly duties as President of the Twin Peaks Rotary Club
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Why should you choose this savvy professional?

I operate a full-service accounting firm that incorporates tax preparation—including for past-due tax returns—accounting expertise, and estate and trust services. Gain a high level of confidence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your taxes will be done right and on time, that your financial books can withstand a rigorous audit, and that your estate will be set up to your exacting specifications. I strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction.

All of this centers on the four factors of control, vision, performance and growth.

Stop guessing – Base your decisions on real numbers. Explore the map of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

With a clear end in mind, you can put the means in motion. Get your strategy in line with your business structure and market opportunity.

Acquire the tools to make balanced financial decisions. Are you facing choices about expansion, buyouts, insurance and more? Get clarity and support during the negotiating process.

Find out how to put your money to work to achieve your goals and become financially secure.

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What clients are saying.

Thaxter Williams has a deep understanding of accounting principles as well as state and federal tax laws. We rely upon his consultation to us as business owners to help create a more sustainable financial environment for the growth and development of our business.
Brenda O’Neal
Managing Partner oF Light Speed, LLC
I have worked with Thaxter Williams for about a year. I am a blind person who owns a coffee company. Thaxter assists me with all forms of bookkeeping and accounting. He also has prepared all of my tax returns. He is very thorough and does an excellent job of explaining what he does. He is fast, honest, and more accurate than any CPA that I have worked with. I would give him a five-star rating.
Gerry Leary
Owner of The Unseen Bean, Inc.
Thaxter is a highly professional CPA, and I refer him anytime one of my clients needs a tax expert. His past experience working at the IRS gives him a unique perspective that has greatly benefited my clients. My clients are thrilled with his work, which has strengthened my relationships and increased my own credibility with them.
Don Potratz
Owner of Long’s Peak Accounting